– There are two most common ways to choose clothes that are beautiful and suitable to wear, namely, by choosing based on body shape and based on skin color. These two methods can help minimize errors in choosing the shape, pattern and color of clothes which cause your appearance to be less than optimal.

When choosing clothes to wear, we need to be a little selective because what we wear can affect our appearance and our personality. Don’t just choose clothes based on your favorite color, pattern, or trend. Because, perhaps these clothes are not suitable for you to wear because your body shape or skin color does not match the purpose for which the clothes were created .

So that the clothes you wear can make your appearance more beautiful and attractive, you can follow the following tips for choosing beautiful clothes.

Choose clothes based on body shape

There are 4 most common female body shapes that we encounter, namely:

  • Apple-shaped body
  • Rectangular in shape
  • Shaped like a pear
  • Shaped by the sands of time

Maybe you have had an unpleasant experience when buying clothes through an online shop, where the clothes worn by the models looked suitable and made them look very beautiful. But unfortunately, after your order arrives and is tried on, it turns out that the clothes don’t really fit and are very different from the model you saw on the online shop website.

Experiences like this are not experienced by just 1-2 people, you know, but many victims choose the wrong clothes because they don’t take into account their body shape or skin color.

But don’t worry, because there are several tips on how to choose beautiful clothes based on your body shape that you can try to apply, so that you don’t buy the wrong clothes through an online shop, and so that the clothes you choose can make you look more attractive and perfect.

Tips for choosing clothes for an apple-shaped body

Avoid: Women who have a large, apple-shaped body should avoid skinny jeans and leggings because they will make them “stand out.”

Suitable: For bottoms, the best choice you can try is to wear wide trousers or skirts, which can cover body fat.

Avoid: Wearing double-breasted jackets, tops that are too wide, or clothes that stick together so that they reveal your curves.

Suit: To make you look more attractive, you can try wearing layers, tunics, or ruched tops.

Fit: Choose clothes that show off above the waist. Some choices of dresses that are suitable for apple-shaped bodies include:

  • A-Line shaped dress
  • Empire waist dress with “V” neck
  • Wrap dress

Avoid: wearing a belt around the waist.

Suitable: wear a belt just below your breasts, this method can help make your body curve look more perfect and symmetrical, and help minimize the appearance of protruding from your hips.

If you want to play it safe, choose a top that covers the entire stomach area and is slightly wider below the hips.